The Sims Mobile: The Ultimate Mobile Game Sensation

If you have tried playing The Sims Mobile, then you will agree with us that this amazing game from EA and Maxis is quite addictive. True to EA’s claim, this game is certainly going to offer Sim’s fans the most in-depth Sims experience.

The Sims Mobile gameplay allows players to create Sims, do shopping, interacting with friends and have a job among other tasks. However, the coolest add-on is that you can now throw parties with other Sims. Just like in real life, you collaborate in various tasks to ensure the success of the party. You can also interact with the party attendees through messages.
Despite holding parties, there are various ways you can interact with other Sims. You can build up relationships or become mortal enemies. What’s more, EA has added the “Stories” feature that allows players to give different backstories to forge different relationships with lovers and friends. You can choose to have a secret lover or merely a friend with benefit. The more you advance in levels, the more the narratives.
If you focus more on creating the perfect character designs and getting the details right regarding home building and decoration, then you will utterly adore this game. It has added more customization options when compared to other Sims games. It eliminates the unnecessary clicking and mousing around that involved deciding the color of your furniture and how to place them. Now the featured touch controls have streamlined the process which feels perfectly at home with the mobile gadgets. Also, controlling your Sim to carry out routine activities such as sleeping or eating or striking conversations with other Sims is simply through a swipe or a tap.
In The Sims Mobile, every action or task that you perform will cost you some energy. While some players felt that the loss of energy points is quite tedious, the game offers several ways to recoup the energy. You can take naps, showers or if you are in a hurry you can consider paying up for cupcakes to get energy instantly.
Another area where Sims series fans felt that this game could use some improvements is on the use of timers on every single action that a Sim performs. This makes it hard for users to level up since they end up waiting more than playing.
But generally, this game is worth wading through to help you enjoy the great Sims experience. For the lovers of The Sims 4, The Sims mobile might not deliver the fully desired functionality and experience you were used to, but it compensates that with a more focused experience on mobile devices.

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