The Sims Mobile Review – New Interesting Features

The Sims is one of the most well-known game franchises ever. Right from the original Sims to the Sims 4, people have loved making a Sim family and then controlling them. The mobile version, The Sims FreePlay, that was launched in 2011 did gain over 200 million downloads, but many people found it to be just a little part of the full premium editions. This is the reason why the latest release of The Sims Mobile has got everyone so excited. Let us now get to know what the latest Sim has in store for you.

Creating a Sim


Once you have finished downloading the app you will begin with creating a Sim. The menu for creating a Sim is quite like the Sims 4 version with almost similar graphics. Though it is somewhat limited if you compare it to the PC game, yet there are many CAS options. You will be able to create your own unique Sim and can even edit her physique, muscle tone, and build, which is quite impressive. Though this a free game and you have limited choices, you can unlock hairstyles and clothing using your earned Sims cash.

The Gameplay


After entering the game you have to finish a tutorial that helps you learn how to play. This will prove to be very helpful as there are many menus that you will have to handle. The first Sim you will meet is Bella who soon becomes your friend. Your Sim will get a letter from a long-lost Aunt, who leaves you a house and requests you to continue with the family legacy, and this creates the foundation for your game.


You then are taken to the map screen. From there you move to the Parkside area and start your career as a Barista. You need to complete small tasks which take just a few seconds, and after just about 5 minutes you complete your workday. You need to keep on tapping to move up your career levels and new actions get unlocked.

Build your dream house


The Sims mobile comes with lots of options as far as house building is concerned, almost as many as you get in the full game. Though you will not be able to use all of these in one day itself, if you are earning enough cash you will be building your dream house soon.

Many customization options


A great thing about new Sims is that you can recreate yourself, your family and your friends in great depth. You can simply spend hours and hours getting the exact look you want with the many customization options available.


Pay and boost hobbies

This is not something that the earlier Sims version has offered and this is a new option. You will be able to use your hard earned cash to move up the skill levels in The Sims Mobile.

Play with friends


The game’s trailer shows that you will be able to play The Sims Mobile online with friends. It also shows that one Sim goes to visit another and after they have completed their conversation they are about to move in together. This too seems to be a fresh and interesting feature.

The Sims Mobile does give you a feel like its classic version though with a little less freedom. This too is going to be much loved and appreciated by the Sims fans as they will be able to enjoy this amazing game with more interesting features that too on a small screen, even when on the go.

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